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the only footie pajama I'd wear by Box-Of-Roses the only footie pajama I'd wear :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 9 20 all aboard depression express by Box-Of-Roses
Mature content
all aboard depression express :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 3 2
Small Talk
Cream watched the alcoholic follow her mother. She clenched her teeth so hard her jaw started to ache.
"Bastard..." She thought.
"Cream. Cream!"
She was brought back to reality. She turned and looked at Tails. He had two drinks in his hand. He stood in front of her, casually handing her a drink.
"Your iced coffee."
"Oh... thanks."
She awkwardly took it from him. The two were at the food court in the mall, waiting for the rest of their friends. She avoided talking to Tails by taking out her phone. She started to text Amy.
"Where tf are you??"
"Bitch relax we'll be there soon"
Cream rolled her eyes. She was about to text her back, but Tails finally started a conversation.
"The hell was all that about?" He asked.
She stopped and glared at him. "What are you talking about?"
"You were staring at someone, right?"
"It's none of your business, emo boy."
"Why are you so judgmental?"
"Why are you so nosy? I said its none of your business, so shut the fuck up!"
He l
:iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 4 5
insanity by Box-Of-Roses
Mature content
insanity :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 2 11
open vagene by Box-Of-Roses open vagene :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 9 13 i can't stand this by Box-Of-Roses i can't stand this :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 6 0 hold up bitch how did you get in my arms by Box-Of-Roses hold up bitch how did you get in my arms :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 9 8 that moment when by Box-Of-Roses that moment when :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 5 9 um I don't remember drawing this by Box-Of-Roses um I don't remember drawing this :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 7 7 when your friend be dressin up like a hoe by Box-Of-Roses when your friend be dressin up like a hoe :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 8 14
Clandestine - Chapter 4
    A man wearing red glasses saw the little girl cover the thief's eyes at the park. As he watched the two, he licked his lips. He had a cup of warm tea in one hand and his phone in the other. He was thirsty, so he drank some of his tea. After a couple more minutes of walking, he got home. He unlocked the front door to his house and checked to see if anyone was nearby. He then went inside and locked the door behind him. He brought his tea and phone with him to the living room. He placed the cup on a table and sat down on a chair, getting comfortable. He then opened his contacts on his phone and called someone.
    "Hello?" The person answered.
    "Ms. Madison?"
    "You know you can just call me Kelly. You don't have to be so formal."
    "Whatever. Listen, do you know that one guy who lives in that gross motel a few blocks away?"
    "There are a lot of guys who live in that-"
:iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 0 2
.:LEMON:. by Box-Of-Roses .:LEMON:. :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 10 9 Tentacle Request #4 (18+) by Box-Of-Roses
Mature content
Tentacle Request #4 (18+) :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 1 8
Bliss!Zomom the Zeti - REF AND BIO by Box-Of-Roses Bliss!Zomom the Zeti - REF AND BIO :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 7 25 .:WATERMELON:. by Box-Of-Roses .:WATERMELON:. :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 9 21
The Deadly Six finally made it to the water park. There were many people there, but it wasn’t too crowded. Zavok turned around and looked at the group, only to realize there were five members and not six.
"Where’s Zazz?" He asked.
"Probably ran off to get drunk." Zor replied as he took a sip of his frapp.
Zazz walked around the park, looking for a restaurant or something. Maybe someone was selling alcohol nearby. He heard someone call him and turned to look. Vanilla was sitting on a beach chair. She was wearing a scantily clad bikini, and she had a nice martini in her hand. His mouth watered, and he walked towards her. When he got close, he sat down on the chair next to her.
“Hey Vanilla... can I have that?”
“Sure, sweetie~”
She handed him the drink. He took it and licked his lips, drinking it. He still felt thirsty, so he licked the glass. Vanilla noticed this and she blushed.
“Y-You have such a long tongue...”
:iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 3 4
My not so creative bullshit.
I posted a page of one of my old comics not too long ago and I decided I should show the whole thing and review it. 

Also I only drew three pages of this comic. I drew other comics as well, but I eventually ripped them up out of shame and disgust.

Anyway let's get onto the cringe.

GROSS by Box-Of-Roses
Boy you can tell I put a LOT of effort on this. Such lovely detail! I especially love the coloring. So this was like way back in 2011 when The Adventures of Fabio and Patty was still a thing. On the left side is Fabio, Terry, and Patty. They're the heroes. On the right is their evil counterparts, Badmouse, Tarry, and Punker... God those names are sooooo bad. Badmouse? Tarry? Punker? Who the hell would name their children that??

Anyway the name of this comic book is "Being in the Future". SO C R E A T I V E . Also if you look at the bottom right hand corner, you'll notice a 7 there. Yup. This is the seventh installment of my old comic series. I had like 20 planned, thank god I stopped.

Also can we please talk about how disgusting Fabio's ears look? Like b o i -

part 1 by Box-Of-Roses
Okay first of all I just love how I crammed the title of the first chapter all the way at the top left corner. "The Future and Present Rodents". 

Wait, what the fuck? These... aren't the future versions of the characters. They're the evil counterparts! Why the hell did I title this "Being in the Future?" What?? I can't even right now-

Anyway I love the whole circle hands thing, really great. It makes me feel better now because my art has been through a lot of changes. Even though looking back at the old comics are cringey, it's still fun. A part of me regrets ripping up my old comics, because I'd love to reread them.

"You sassin' me, punk?" IM WEAK OMG

Also those two little mice at the bottom are Punker and... Milly? I think that was her name. She was the evil counterpart of Molly. Gross.

part 2 by Box-Of-Roses
Oh okay so Fabio, who by the way is the strongest hero in the whole comic series, is just going to get his bitch ass slapped by a six year old? Pathetic. 


part 3 by Box-Of-Roses
Why does his mouth extend all the way to the back of his head?? Damn Punker what that mouth do

You can tell for some some reason it's absolutely illegal for the speech bubble to intersect the drawing because they do not touch at all. It ends up creating an ugly ass speech bubble.

Part 4 by Box-Of-Roses
Later? What do you mean later? What ever happened to Fabio, Punker, and Milly? You're not going to explain it? Of course not.

Also don't scold at Tarry for his goofiness, you're the one wearing an eyepatch even though your fuccing eyes are C O N N E C T E D . 

And is he wearing a cape... with his hoodie?? BOI IF YOU DONT-

Part 5 by Box-Of-Roses
The hell is up with Badmouse's hand in the first panel? It looks like a foot.

Anyway what is Badmouse and Tarry going through? Is there a frenemy relationship going on or do they genuinely hate each other? Why does Badmouse consider himself a friend so much? What has he been doing to Tarry? Maybe he's responsible for his grumpy attitude?

AND HOW THE HELL DID THOSE THREE JUST ARRIVE AT THE SCENE JUST LIKE THAT??? What, did Fabio try to run away and Punker and Milly followed him? Why is he on the floor like he's about to give Tarry the succ? How did Badmouse and Tarry not notice those three behind them while they were having their unnecessary conversation? And why is Punker and Milly so surprised? Fabio and Badmouse don't look that similar, there's no way you can mistake one for another, seriously.

Part 6 by Box-Of-Roses
Yeah, sure. Just stare at each awkwardly, why don't you?

Part 7 by Box-Of-Roses

Also I totally didn't get the word "faker" from Sanic the Hoghedge

Part 8 by Box-Of-Roses

It's kind of weird how I added fingers on his circle hands. Like did they just pop out of nowhere?

Also, it's very awkward to respond to that question with "me too". You couldn't have said anything else?

Part 9 by Box-Of-Roses
Okay for Fabio's dialogue, what I meant was "You look nothing like me!", not "You look like nothing compared to me!" Also if Badmouse looks NOTHING like you, then why did Punker and Milly think you were him? Hmm? EXPLAIN FABIO EXPLAIN.

Again with the awkward response. Couldn't you have said "Feeling's mutual" or something like that? 

Ughhhhh, can I just say that Fabio is acting VERY out of character? He's usually a very angry and depressed person because of his totally not edgy past. Why is he acting like a pussy ass bitch? Why isn't he spitting some insults? That's something he would do. Instead of "You look nothing like me!", he would just straight up be like "Bitch who the fuck are you??" 

Part 10 by Box-Of-Roses



This review is over.


One of my friends made fun of my OC Otto
She said "I bet he's your favorite because of his tentacles"
She was only kidding but what makes her joke even funnier is that I'm Asian

And you know
Tentacle monster
Asian girl
They go together pretty well

Otto x Rose hentai confirmed
RP Starter: Someone was creepily following the poor old man, and he didn't plan on stopping anytime soon. You/your OC happened to notice this.

(Please only leave a comment if you want to RP.)
I'm in love with Robert from Dream Daddy 

He reminds me of Bliss!Shadow
which is actually not okay
because Shadow is g r o s s 
My cousins left! I had a lot of fun with them this week, we went to a lot of places!

The swimming pool, the arcade, the M&M store, Times Square
We also had dinner at a few nice restaurants.

Now that they're gone, I can open DA without a problem and get back to those Bliss! Refs.


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