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so I drew Tails in my other art style by Box-Of-Roses so I drew Tails in my other art style :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 5 13 School Doodle - lmao shorty by Box-Of-Roses School Doodle - lmao shorty :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 7 16 School Doodle - Gabriel and Lucifer by Box-Of-Roses School Doodle - Gabriel and Lucifer :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 5 7 A Blissful Team by Box-Of-Roses A Blissful Team :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 9 15
How I Name My OCs (Tips and Suggestions)
Sometimes I have trouble naming my OCs, and I know I'm not the only one, so I decided to give some suggestions for any of you out there still trying to decide on a name. This is how I name my OCs.
1) Name them based on their personality.
This one's fairly obvious, but I'm still going to mention it. It isn't mandatory to make the name match their personality, but it doesn't hurt to do it. It's great to give your OC a fitting name. An example of mine is my OC Edward. The meaning of the name is a wealthy guardian, and the name is commonly used for calm and serious characters (at least for most of the Edwards I've seen so far). Edward is the police officer of Maudire City, and he serves as a guardian. He protects the city from hunters and criminals. He is also a mostly calm and serious character.
2) Name them based on the OPPOSITE of their personality.
Sometimes contradiction is actually very unique and interesting. Is your OC a quiet, innocent person? Name them Buster. An ex
:iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 5 6
paper cut by Box-Of-Roses
Mature content
paper cut :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 3 16
School Doodle - Jerry and Aaron by Box-Of-Roses School Doodle - Jerry and Aaron :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 3 0 shut up by Box-Of-Roses
Mature content
shut up :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 4 21
Johnny x Fem!Reader Fic
When you entered the city, you turned on your flashlight and looked around. You took a deep breath and started walking. You heard the stomach growl before you saw the hungry beast. Everything seemed fine until you shined your flashlight at the large, burly man on his knees. He was wearing a lumberjack outfit. He had his arms on his belly, and he slammed his fist into the cement sidewalk. He groaned, his saliva dripping down his chin and landing on the ground. He heard your gasp and looked up immediately. He immediately bolted towards you on all fours, ready to rip your brains out and eat them. You screamed and dodged him. He roared, stopped, then turned around. He charged at you and tackled you onto the ground. He drooled everywhere and licked his lips. You pushed him back, keeping him away for a short while, but you couldn’t hold on any longer. You happened to notice a decapitated head nearby, and you had an idea. Kicking the beast off and getting up, you ran and kneeled down, p
:iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 1 2
lets play a game called guess the OC by Box-Of-Roses lets play a game called guess the OC :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 5 6 School Doodle - oof by Box-Of-Roses School Doodle - oof :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 6 2 The Real Housewives of Lost Hex by Box-Of-Roses The Real Housewives of Lost Hex :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 5 10 it's cold Franklin put your hat on by Box-Of-Roses it's cold Franklin put your hat on :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 8 13 ''You know, you're kinda cute~'' by Box-Of-Roses ''You know, you're kinda cute~'' :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 6 9 wip by Box-Of-Roses wip :iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 3 0
Double Life
    Knuckles continued smoking his marijuana, making the whole bar smell like it. He was slouching in his seat with one arm behind the couch, manspreading his legs. He put one foot on the chair in front of him. Sonic sat next to him, crossing his legs with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He looked at him and pouted.
    "Come on, Knuxie. Are you sure you don't want a drink?"
    "Nah, nigga. Dis shit all I need," He smiled, blowing smoke into Sonic's face.
    He used his hand to fan it away. He then elbowed him in the ribs, making him let out an "oof."
    "'Ey come on, mah nigga."
    "You know I hate those gross drugs you smoke."
    "As if drinking is any different."
    Sonic rolled his eyes and looked away. Knuckles noticed that and patted his back. "'Ey, lighten up. Next mornin', I'll cook some breakfast in bed for ya."
    "Hah! You think you can cook?"
    "Fuck yeah, I can!"
:iconbox-of-roses:Box-Of-Roses 1 0
My not so creative bullshit.
So for the past year or so I've been a little worried that Bliss!Knuckles and Bliss!Zavok look too similar. I've noticed this back in late 2015 when I had my old square head art style. With that art style, my same face syndrome is more obvious, so they looked pretty similar, not to mention they both had large, muscular bodies. And for some reason I gave every character the exact same skin color, which made them look EVEN more similar. And to top it off, they both wore red sleeveless shirts, so they were basically just recolors at this point.
This is obviously not okay, so I've been making changes ever since I noticed this. I decided to write a list of similarities and differences.

-Both have extreme upper body strength and similar body types (both are muscular, burly men).
-Both are dominant and aggressive.
-Both wear red.

-Knuckles is black, and Zavok is white.
-Knuckles has red, thick, and coarse hair which is usually kept as dreadlocks. Zavok has blue, thin, and smooth hair which is usually kept tied up in a long ponytail.
-Knuckles represents a positive trait (confidence), and Zavok represents a negative trait (callousness).
-Knuckles has thick eyebrows, and Zavok has thin eyebrows.
-Knuckles has a curved nose, and Zavok has a triangle nose.
-Knuckles has no scars/ugly spots, but Zavok has a scar across his face along with dark circles under his eyes.
-Knuckles usually has a positive attitude, and Zavok usually has a negative attitude. Knuckles is your average hoodlum. He hits on women, starts fights, gets into trouble, and acts like he owns the neighborhood. He tends to use the word "nigga" often, and he has a very slang dialect overall. Zavok, on the other hand, is a bitter and grumpy guy who abuses his friends and gets angry way too easily. He never really does any of the things Knuckles would do, except for drugs.
-Knuckles is a full blown drug addict, whereas Zavok only does drugs occasionally.
-Knuckles has a goatee, and Zavok has a stubble.
-Knuckles doesn't have any mental disorders/issues, whereas Zavok is a sociopath.
-Knuckles is straight, and Zavok is still questioning his sexuality.
-Knuckles is rich, whereas Zavok is in the middle class.
-Knuckles likes to show off his money and blow it away, whereas Zavok tends to spend it wisely.

I hope these two aren't very similar anymore. What do you think?


RP STARTER: (Note: I prefer you use male OCs, thanks.) A young woman sat down at the bar, holding a drink in her hand. She was wearing a leather jacket and a skirt, along with short heels. She noticed your OC walk in, smiled, and waved. ”Hey handsome, come here~”
I might draw some thanksgiving art tomorrow

right now I’m just too lazy
If Monty took a shit

i guess you can say that’s bullshit

Im not funny
*is about to win the racing game in first place
*two people zip past by
*ends up in third place
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