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My not so creative bullshit.
Am I a little too much?

Like... do I take things too far sometimes? I'm worried about what you all think about me. Hear me out before you comment.

I'm aware that some of my art is vulgar, and most of the time I don't censor foul language.

I do use words such as "nigga" and "faggot". It's not a major part of my vocabulary, usually I make my OCs say it. I'm completely aware that these words are sensitive topics to some people, and I respect that. But I like using these words. It's not because I'm racist or homophobic. It's just my personal choice of words. And I won't be censoring them, either. I'll just put a mature content tag or a warning.

I also have OCs who are... well, terrible people. Some of them are rapists, pedophiles, abusers, racists, homophobes, misogynists. Not to mention my AUs and headcanons are also really disturbing.

But I am a human, and I have morals. I know damn well that rape, homophobia, abuse, racism, and pedophilia is WRONG. 

I'm just afraid that people might see me as that type of person because as an artist, what you draw reflects you as a person. For example, I'm afraid that people might think I'm homophobic or something just because I draw homophobic OCs. I'm not.

Normally I don't put warnings on my art because I never took that into consideration, but now I feel like I should because there are people who are sensitive to those topics. And no, they're not "triggered" or "being a pussy", they have feelings. Maybe they've been through something bad in their past, and I don't want everyone to see me as this heartless person.

Like I said, I'm a human. I just haven't been proving that lately.


Silver and Blaze (Read Desc. for AU)
Me: Hey, what should the background of this drawing be?
Also me: let's make it look like a pink fuccin toaster strudel

Silver and Blaze were best friends. In this AU, they have gone to the human world hence why they're human, and they now live in New Jersey. They lived in separate houses, but they would always visit each other. They fell in love and started dating until one day when Blaze was at Silver's house, she noticed a photo of her under the bed, just peeking out. When she looked under it, she found a stash of photos, mostly of her sleeping or in the shower. She also found her stolen underwear, strands of her hair, and other stolen items. She realized that Silver is a stalker who is obsessed with her. She confronted him and broke up with him. He got mad and grabbed her arm, but she slapped him and ran away. She packed her bags and left the state because she knew he would keep coming to her house even after a break up. She moved to New York, where most of the Sonic characters live. Since she had to quit her job at New Jersey and pay for the expensive plane tickets, she was low on money, so she lived in a motel for now. She hasn't seen Silver ever since. But eventually he finds her.

The dangerous thing about Silver is that he's very good at acting and creating a fake persona. He was able to convince Blaze that he's a sweet and trustworthy friend when he really wasn't. He usually acts friendly to the people he meets. Obviously he's a creepy and delusional person. If you look at his left hand, you'll notice that there's a ring on his finger. He bought two rings, one for him and one for Blaze. He wants to marry her, and he believes that they are engaged even though they're not. I wanted to make him look ugly, which is why I gave him that Adam's apple (the bump on his neck).

It's been hard for Blaze to trust anyone ever since her incident with Silver. She gets scared even thinking about it, and she often keeps her guard up when she's in public. She keeps a pocket knife with her, too. She prefers to be alone because she thinks she's safer that way. She doesn't really hang out with the rest of the Sonic characters. She's very responsible though, and she's clearly capable of taking care of herself. I wanted to make her look like a shy girl, which is why I gave her the slightly oversized sweater.

All characters belong to SEGA.
This AU belongs to me.
God I have the weirdest Sonic shipping for my AU.

Its weirder that KnucklesxZeena, and weirder than EggmanxRouge. I won't tell you what it is until later.
Villainous is a new cartoon show and it already has porn, OCs, and yaoi shippings. 

Maybe I should make my own Villainous OC.
Okay real talk am I the only one who ships Ethan and Jack from RE7: Biohazard
Just a few days ago I realized that I'm always drawing Sonic characters as humans, so I decided to draw them as anthro animals now. I don't draw furries much, I mean I do have an few furry OCs, but the vast majority of my OCs are human-like. So yeah, this was challenging. I wanted to sort of fuse the Sonic art style and my art style in a way that it looks simple and consistent. Please tell me what you think about it, I'd like to know.

I drew the Sonic Gang, which consists of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Cream.

I also added some small changes to their design so they can reflect their human version. For example, Knuckles has the beard, Cream has the crop top, etc. That way you'll know that they are from my AU. I still need to name it, though.

Also if you're wondering why Shadow is holding maracas it's because my lovely friend Albino-Babs called him "Shadow Gonzales" because of his mustache, and I just had to poke fun at his Mexican-like appearance.

All characters belong to SEGA.
This AU belongs to me.
EDIT 2: Added the fedora, thank god


I wanted to draw the ones I've been neglecting. I've changed some of the designs here and there. I spent like 6-7 hours on this, and I really need some sleep now. So sorry if I don't reply right away.

Top row (left to right): Katie, Sebastian, David, Nezu, FIO.NA
Bottom row (left to right): Mickey, Mr. Loathsome, Hawthorne, Montgomery, Gerald

All characters belong to me.
So I actually decided to count all my OCs. Here's the number for each.

Maudire City: 75
Math Factors: 12
Seitekina Romansu: 15
Other: 8
EmoZazz-PsychoticZor: 5

Total: 122

Maudire City has so many omg
Friend: "How many OCs do you have?"
Me: " T O O  M A N Y . "
(Read Description.)
I drew this at school by the way. I'm trying to cure my same face syndrome. In case you don't know what it means, it's basically when an artist draws many characters all with the same face. And no, you can't just change the colors or hairstyle or facial expression and call it a day. You have to change a lot more things if you don't want all your OCs to look the same. Here's a link showing examples of same face syndrome:… You can see that all the characters literally have the same face.

So I chose Sei, Johnny, and Gutless for this little test. In case my writing is too blurry or small, here's a list of the things I wrote, along with other bits I forgot to add:

JOHNNY (left):
-thick eyebrows
-round face
-beefy chest
-round ears
-straight jaw
-muscular arms
-triangle nose

SEI (middle):
-receding hairline
-oval face
-slanted jaw
-longer neck
-longer ears
-curved nose

GUTLESS (right):
-less curved face
-round/oval head
-straight jaw
-slanted shoulders
-extremely skinny

Let me know what you think.


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Call me Rose.
Artist | Student | Varied
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Check out my RP and ask Emo Zazz and Psychotic Zor account: :iconemozazz-psychoticzor:

And my tumblr account (for 18+ stuff):

A little warning for you guys. If you don't like:
•Vulgar/Derogatory Language (even words like nigga/faggot)
•Sexual themes
•Yaoi Shippings
•Rape/Rape Jokes
•18+ shit in general

Then leave my account right now. My shitty profile will just piss you off.

Here's a few things you need to know about me:
1. My art may be very vulgar and offensive, but that doesn't mean I'm a terrible person. If you respect me, I respect you.
2. Do not ask me for watches. I don't watch people. I prefer going into their profile myself because it shows that I am willingly checking out their stuff.
3. I am formerly dolkartsomo.
4. I draw whatever I want. If you don't like my art, you are fully allowed to comment, but you are not allowed to harass or bully me.
5. I make rants on people. I don't do this to get attention or start drama. I do it to express my feelings and vent my frustration. I am willing to take down my rants if I see a positive change in the person I ranted on.
6. Commissions are open! Feel free to order one:

People I know IRL:
:iconhubfanlover678: - My brother
:iconmsawesomeness101: - My cousin
:iconsting--ray: - My best friend

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